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Colwood City Centre Received 4th Reading
on Monday May 26, 2008

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The Hannover Principles:

  • developed in 1992 by an architect - William McDonough for the 2000 World Fair in Hannover
  • a platform upon which designers can consider how to adapt their work towards sustainabile ends
  • Designers include all those who change the environment with the inspiration of human creativity
  • Design implies the conception and realization of human needs and desires

Video Excerpt - William McDonough - Cradle to Cradle Design

  • Insist on rights of humanity and nature to co-exist in a healty, supportive, diverse and sustainable condition.
  • Recognize interdependence.
  • Respect relationships between spirit and matter.
  • Accept responsibility for the consequences of design decisitons upon human well-being, the viaiblity of natural systems, and their right to co-exist.
  • Create safe objects of long-term value.
  • Eliminate the concept of waste.
  • Rely on natural energy flows.
  • Understand the limitations of design.
  • Seek constant improvement by the sharing of knowledge.