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Colwood City Centre Received 4th Reading
on Monday May 26, 2008

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Turner Lane Development Corporation, as one of Western Canada's leading land-development and management firms, provides a wide range of property development oriented services to a variety of clients in the Pacific Northwest and on the West Coast of Canada.

Turner Lane's primary focus is the ownership, development and management of commercial property with a secondary focus on the development of residential lands.  Property development services and acquisitions are supported by superior leadership, management integrity and capability, together with guiding principles, which are committed to long-term project sustainability and profitability

In 2006, Turner Lane committed to maximize the potential of its commercial and residential holdings and launched a drive to begin monetizing these assets in order to build its development inventory. By the end of that year, Turner Lane had demonstrated its ability to manage the growth of the company while increasing its ability to acquire new properties. Turner Lane's portfolio nearly doubled in size over this year, while maintaining a safe loan-to-value ratio.

Acquisitions in 2006-2007

  • Colwood Corners properties including Crossroads Pub, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union and London Drugs Mall
  • Colwood Plaza Shopping Centre
  • 82 Belmont Road
  • Goldstream Meadows Properties (2956 Ed Nixon Terrace and 3021 West Shore Parkway)
  • Office Building at 3179 Jacklin Road
  • Nobhill Road Land Assembly including 2684 - 2695 Nobhill Road and 2676 Wilfert Road

Turner Lane's Business Plan for 2007-2008 focuses on extensive and sustainable growth with a continued adherence to and reliance on its core values, principle objectives and the following stated goals:


Development:  Monetizing our development assets within the current development portfoloio through proactive leasing, asset management and ongoing site improvements  while commencing construction on current development projects.


Acquisition:  Investing individually or with joint-venture partners with a fund mechanism to boost return on investments.


Development and Construction Management: Provide management and support for individual properties throughout the development phases and begin on-site construction.


Leasing:  Enhance current tenant mixes and add new, quality tenants to its prospect list for upcoming and future development projects.


Turner Lane will make indicated adjustments to remain one of the West Coast's premier developers through intelligent recruitment and business-systems refinement.

The team invites you to consider Turner Lane for your next investment.  Please contact us at your convenience.  Once registered with us, additional information will be available at this Login: