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Colwood City Centre Received 4th Reading
on Monday May 26, 2008

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Colwood City Centre

The Colwood City Centre project is about contributing to the creation and preservation of a livable community.

Colwood Plaza

1913 Sooke Road, Victoria, BC

Goldstream Meadows

Fourteen acres of land for use as a business park, residential and park.

Mini Storage/Warehouse

A multi tenant facility with Mini Storage and Warehouse space.

Modular Homes at Kettle Creek Station

Approximately 280 new modular housing units will be available starting in the spring of 2008.

Office Building

A 1300 sq meter office building completed in 6 months!

Tri-Way Mobile Home Park

Rezoning application for 2780 Spencer Road and 2695 Savory Road.

Nobhill Road Development

600,000 sq.ft. of mixed used commercial and residential space focusing on Senior and Assisted Living.

Colwood Crescent

Sooke Marina Project for Vacations West

Multi Tenant Commercial at Goldstream Meadows

Hazelwood Subdivision

Spencer Road

Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Country Club

Townhomes at Langford Lake Landing